Bailey’s impeccable service, professionalism, and personal demeanor = priceless.
— Carol M. (San Francisco, CA)
Chef Bai is a gift! Are you ready to enhance your health and your relationship to food? Chef Bai creates delectable food that is organic, fresh and locally sourced. Just wait until you try her gluten-free, organic, so tasty chicken pot pie minis. Through individualized meal planning, detailed shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes, Chef Bai will enthusiastically guide you to a deeper understanding of our connection with comfort food and the nourishment we derive from cooking, eating and sharing our meals. Old, unhealthy habits will melt away and with Chef Bai’s encouragement, you will become addicted to nurturing your body and sharing your new-found knowledge with those you love. You will want this delightful ray of sunshine in your kitchen every day!
— Kaye De Lancey
I hired Chef Bai for an exclusive, private book retreat, hosted by two bestselling business nonfiction authors. We asked all of our guests - professionals who are used to luxurious food - about their food allergies; we thought that there *might* be a vegetarian here, a dairy allergy there. What we didn’t expect was a slew of allergies including (but not limited to): garlic, onion, FRUIT, oil, gluten, dairy, and nuts. Some people were vegetarians or lived a plant-based lifestyle.

By some miracle, Chef Bai came up with a delicious, clean, flavor-packed menu for our 5-day retreat. From ahi poke bowls to maca root energy bars to the most incredible kale salad that I make again and again for my family...our stomachs felt healthy and satisfied. Yes, Chef Bai was able to accommodate all of these allergies and still deliver delicious and healthy food for 15 meals. She is a true blue professional, a creative thinker, and an absolute gem in and out of the kitchen. I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to hire for future events.
— Laura Bernstein, Author/ Communications Expert
The charismatic Chef Bai makes delicious and nutritional food. She is very knowledgeable on how the ingredients affect your energy and is able to explain the flavors and health benefits of what she makes. I am so grateful to her for accommodating my desire to eat vegan!
— Kyle Graden, Entrepreneur
Chef Bai has worked with my family for the past year.  She has completely transformed the way we eat, live, look and feel.  Our view on nourishing our bodies has changed our lives, transforming us in unimaginable ways.  We are happier, healthier and more connected as a family.  It is extremely comfortable to have Bailey in our home and we have all grown to think of her more as a family member than our chef.  She is a talented chef and nutritional guru, we definitely eat our tastiest and healthiest meals when she is in our home.
— Sam Eddins, Mom and Life Coach
Our family had the pleasure of having Chef Bai in our home twice a week for 7 months as our personal chef.  We hired her to cook for all of us but primarily because our daughter has Celiac Disease and we felt she wasn’t getting good nutrition.  Bailey was not only knowledgeable about gluten free cooking, she went on to make delicious meals and baked goods that the entire family enjoyed.  She’s personable, responsible, trust worthy. She became part of the family and changed not only how we eat, but taught us a lot about nutrition and organic eating.     The saying, “You don’t know what go ‘til it’s gone” is so true!  We’d hire Chef Bai back in a heartbeat!  Come back home to Colorado!
— Kelly Paull, Social Marketing Expert
The best kept secret is out and I guess it’s time to share. Bailey has been cooking for us for a few weeks now and her food is fabulous. Not only is the food good, my husband is happy, there is food when we get home and we are eating healthier - we’re not going out to the endless lunches and dinners with clients. I suggest you drop her a line and see if she can help you out too!
— Susan A. (San Francisco, CA)
I trust Bailey to make a difference in my everyday life. She cares about the food that I eat and pushed me to experiment with raw foods and juices for not only me, but for my kids too! She is definitely a healer and has a strong passion for what she does.
— Patricio A. (Denver, CO)
Bailey is the type of chef that you can give a teensy little bit of direction and she will return so much more. She is efficient and plans as she goes - amazing! She does not ruffle easily and maintains a sense of stability under pressing deadlines. She handles executive decision making with skill and ease. She is the most balanced I’ve had in this area - I’m instilled with so much faith in her ability. A relaxed and enjoyable presence in the kitchen, she finds structure in chaos and improvises gracefully when thrown a curveball. Perhaps you’ll be so lucky to have her!
— Jasmine L. (San Francisco, CA)