My Mission


Hi there! My name is Bailey - but you can call me Chef Bai. I am here to create a lasting impact while changing the core of the relationship we all have with food.

The reason why I wake up each morning with a smile on my face is because I get to constantly develop a fun and progressive approach to health through plant-based food. Knowing that food is built on love and traditions, I wanted to bridge the gap between comfort food and health.


Whether it was making cookies after a bad day, or learning how to make perogies from my polish grandmother, I come from a childhood of constantly being obsessed with cooking.  My first kitchen job was in a bakery when I was 11, and to say the least, I became dedicated to creating and quite frankly eating delicious food.  

After I moved to San Francisco to attend Le Cordon Bleu when I was 18, I started working in restaurants and working for private clients. Slowly, I started to experience some serious health problems. From endometriosis, to a chronic back condition, I was becoming more and more out of control of my health.

The only answers doctors had were invasive surgeries and pills. I knew there had to be a different option. I went back to school for nutrition (IIN) and realized that I had all the answers I needed in my own local health food store.  

There is a huge importance on educating why to choose local, organic, plant based and fresh food.  I am now here to help to build your confidence in everyday food choices all while supporting you throughout your journey to finding an overall healthy balance.  My approach to cooking and consumption is regional, seasonal and accessible. 

I want to ensure that I am taking care of the environment, local businesses, and most importantly - you!

It all starts with awareness...


Weather you have an allergy, a weight issue, an auto immune disease or any other ailment, it is important to look at any of these challenges as a blessing. You are now given the gift of awareness.  

Being aware of everything you eat will not only change your life, it will change the lives of those around you, your affect on the environment and your overall impact on the world.  

I am on a mission to make clean eating a reality for others and to make sure we all have fun doing it. See you in the kitchen! 

Chef Bai


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