Take the stress out of cooking

Eat amazing food, get healthy, and know for sure that dinner will be ready after a long day at work. That’s the baseline of why you should hire Chef Bai to be your personal chef — instead of trying to do it all on your own when you know you don’t have the time.

You’ll end stressful situations that start with, “WTF am I going to eat today?” and usually end with a drive-through or a takeout menu with a lot of bloating and guilt to follow.

In addition to having healthy and delicious meals prepared for you (and your family), together we’ll dive deep into transforming your own relationship with food. Learn how to truly heal your mind, body, and soul through food!

Each weekly menu is catered to your individualized health goals, health history, and personal favorites. Together we will tackle where you have roadblocks and get you moving towards to a stress-free, delicious future.

My team and I are based in the San Diego, CA area. Not in San Diego? No problem. Wherever you live, I can help connect you to the best local personal chef to fit your needs.

Let Chef Bai do the hard part of cooking incredible food, while you learn, heal, and love every bite!

Prices vary on family size, dietary needs, and duration of program.

Questions or comments?
Contact support: info@chefbai.kitchen