Going plant based could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your health. 

I know we’re already in week 6, but to be totally real, we are just getting started! Now that we know that we can eat delicious plant based meals, it’s about that time to talk about why we’re doing this for our health in the first place. 

Plant based diets are rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. They're also very high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Individuals who eat a plant based diet are at a much lower risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity just to name a few. 

A plant based diet can help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and decrease excess body weight. Putting you in sync with nature and your natural body rhythms.  You also avoid consuming nitrates, added hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals in meat and dairy products. 

Our bodies are always trying to heal themselves. From the moment you decide to make this change in your life, you will start to notice healing in your body.  Some things may seem like they take longer (being able to reduce meds, skin issues, or weight loss) and other things may happen literally overnight (sleep improvement, digestion, mood, energy).

A majority of people assume switching to plant based eating will strip you from a lot of food choices and leave you hungry, lacking protein and without options. As we’ve discovered, nothing could be further from the truth! There are so many inexpensive plant based protein sources without the risky health factors. From legumes, to nuts, to leafy greens, to whole grains, it’s important to remember you aren't stripping things from your diet, but you are adding an array of complex and delicious real WHOLE foods to your life. 

I think it’s time we look into the root of all of these lifestyle created health problems and focus on the food that we’re eating and the lifestyle that surrounds it.  Everything you put into your body you either, use, store, or dispose. If you start to think of food as purely fuel for your body, would you change what you eat?


This week, we’re keeping it simple and using multiple ingredients for multiple recipes. It’s all about saving time too! Check out these tips to make the most out of your meal prep time.

  • You’ll soak cashews for the green goddess dressing and the cashew milk.

  • Make a big batch of quinoa for the curry AND the buddha bowls.

  • Don’t worry about straining the nut milk, as cashew milk is strain-free as long as you remember to soak overnight!

  • The curry paste can be made ahead of time in just 5 minutes so that when you go to make the curry, its that much easier.

  • Feel free to pop everything for the curry into the crockpot, turn it on low and head out for the day. Dinner will be ready for you when you get home!

  • You’ll notice the ranch and the green goddess dressing have very similar ingredients. I wanted to show you how two different dressings with the same seasonings change so much with a different base.

  1. Cashew Milk.

    A nut milk with no straining required?! Yes please!! Cashew milk is hands down one of the easiest and most delicious nut milks out there. You absolutely have to soak the nuts on this one though. Just full a mason jar with cashews and pour filtered water over it the night before you want to make it. 5 simple ingredients and a blender is all you need to milk bliss.


2. Apricot Pecan Stove-Top Granola.

I love making granola on the stove-top because its soo damn fast! A lot of times I’ll be majorly craving granola but don’t have the hour it takes to make it between the baking time and resting time. This granola only requires a sauté pan and parchment paper. The sugar content is completely up to you, which also makes this a healthy alternative to buying it at the grocery store. You are in full control!


3. Hemp Seed Ranch.

The dressing of all dressings, RANCH! The one dressing that everyone can agree on. The one dressing that traditionally is so filled with fat you almost pretend its good for you while you eat it with carrots.

This one changes the game because hemp ranch is actually 100% good-for-you! Hemp hearts are an amazing source of protein, fiber and omega 3’s making this one of the healthiest no oil salad dressings ever.


4. Roasted Buddha Bowl w/ Cashew Green Goddess Dressing.

There are a million ways to put together a buddha bowl. They’re super versatile and almost everyone has their own twist to it. I love this one specifically because of this twist on the famous Green Goddess dressing. Im not reinventing the wheel here, just adding my own little twist. Its creamy, tangy and has just the right amount of herbs. Not to mention, the veggies all get roasted together making this one damn delicious and easy meal.

Quinoa is the base, as I love to always prep and cook a few cups of cooked quinoa for the week so I usually already have it on hand. Its a super simple trick to have this ancient protein superfood on deck at all times. It only takes 18 minutes to make, and unlike rice, it’s really hard to mess up even if you’re a first time cook. Just pop 1 cup quinoa in a pot with 2 cups water or broth. Let it boil, cover it, turn it down to low and set a timer for 18 minutes. Yep, thats it! You can prep other stuff while its cookin’ and even double that amount to match it with the curry coming up next.


5. Yellow Mango Curry.

Curry is one of those things you can always count on as a vegan. When eating out, curry is always your best bet if unsure. And most times than not, it’s going to fill you up and satisfy all your cravings too.

This one specifically I made in excitement and anticipation for summer. A little spiced with jalapeño pepper and sweetened with mango right at the very end. It’s SOO delicious. A little Mexican and Thai inspired. How could it get better than that?


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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