Guilt free comfort food is a term that has stuck with me ever since I decided to change my path as a chef. The comfort food we all know and love was just not making sense to me anymore. How did something so comforting cause every single elder in my family to die from a chronic illness? Between heart disease, diabetes and cancer I almost can’t keep track anymore.

A lot of people like to blame genes for chronic health issues, the reality is that genes only play 5%-20% of a role in whether we get sick or not. Do you know what that means? It means that we actually have so much more control than we are led to believe. One of the best quotes I’ve heard regarding this is “Genes hold the gun, but your diet and lifestyle choices pull the trigger.”

The good news is that we can still eat the foods that we love! With just a bit of tweaking and rethinking recipes, we can transform these foods to helping us HEAL rather than contributing to disease. It’s about changing the idea that comfort foods have to be on your cheat day, or the heaviness you feel after overeating a bowl of homemade mac n’ cheese is here to stay.

This week is all about that comfort food, free of guilt. From spaghetti and meatballs, to neapolitan ice cream, to chips and salsa. You can have what you want AND what you need. This week is just a tiny glimpse at the possibilities of recreating your favorite recipes. Do you have a favorite recipe you want recreated? Let me know in the comments below!

Make the meatballs and marina first and while thats cooking, make your salsa, chia pudding and cook your veggies for your salad for lunch.


  1. Neapolitan Chiashake

    I decided to wrap my two favorite things into one- green smoothies and ice cream. Say whatttttt!? You can make the shake the night before or the morning of and have the chia prepped to make one ridiculously easy breakfast! Cheers to ice cream vibes for breakfast!


2. Avocado Salsa Verde.

Chips and salsa are always a must have in our house. If we randomly have people over, are super hungry after work, or just want to veg out to a movie, this snack is always a win. Its one of our meal preps that we’ve been doing before we even started “meal prepping”. This salsa has all the elements, creamy from the avocado, salty, spicy, and super tangy. Just how I like it.


3. Spring Harvest Strawberry Salad.

HOLY MOLY! All the feels are happening with this one . Everything I love about springtime all wrapped into one ridiculously delicious and satisfying salad.

Golden beets, almond ricotta, baby greens, asparagus, white beans and fennel all covered by a delicious strawberry vinaigrette. Super simple to put together, and delicious enough for any occasion.


4. Lentil “Meatballs” & Sage Marinara.

There isn’t much that hits the spot like spaghetti and meatballs does. It always reminds me of my mom, being a kid and the most epic leftovers after school ever!

This is the ultimate guilt-free comfort food. This recipe is completely packed with plant based protein, 100% gluten-free, and totally cruelty free. It’s the type of leftovers you run home to eat, and can pop in the freezer if you’re making it for one. This recipe is definitely a little bit time consuming but SO worth it. Start to finish it takes about an hour.


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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