Spring is about to be here! Wow, what a winter it’s been for all of us all over the US. Crazy weather, matched with a lack of sun and chilly nights has definitely got a lot of us itching for nicer weather and wildflowers.

This time of year is a major shift not just in weather patterns, but it’s the beginning of an entire new season of available foods and produce. Asparagus, strawberries and citrus are in, and squash is slowly on its way out. Its the perfect time of year to blend the two seasons in your kitchen!

Like most people, I always like to do a spring cleaning. Yes, I’ll go through my closet and clean my house really well, but I’ll also do a spring cleaning of myself. I’ll make sure to give myself a lot of self care this time of year and take that extra time to care for myself that I may have been to lazy, busy or cold (lets be real) to do over the winter. A huge energy shift if about to take place, its so important to be ready for it!

With that said, the biggest spring cleaning that I love to do, is to clean out my gut! Yes, thats right folks, a cleanse. Cleansing shoudnt’t be about losing weight, it’s about energetically hitting a reset button on your body. Its about raising your vibration and becoming aware of everything you’re eating. Its about continuing to build a healthy relationship to food, and understanding what your body is really needing, instead of craving. You may lose weight, lose puffiness in your face, see clearer skin, sleep better, have more energy and overall feel very clear.

I have designed a 4 day cleanse perfect for this transition from hibernation to spring! After working in this industry for 8 years, and spending 2 of them working for a cleanse company, I know what works, and what doesn’t. I believe that a cleanse should support you in your busy, active lifestyle and shouldn’t put it on hold.

  • Start your morning off with 16 oz of water with a squeeze of lemon on an empty stomach. This will boost your metabolism and aid your digestion all day.

  • Drink 2 celery juices a day to promote healing and detoxification of your kidneys, gallbladder and liver. One after your lemon water and one after your first smoothie. Blend one stalk of celery with 8 oz of water and squeeze out with a nut milk straining bag. If you have a juicer, just juice it! Split it up to two glasses and you’re good to go. I didn't write a recipe for this as it is just that simple, celery!

  • There’s two smoothie recipes, I like to drink the green one in the morning and the papaya in the afternoon. It’s up to you! If you can’t find papaya, use blueberries instead.

  • Finish your day off with one of the warming soups. If you find you are more hungry, you can eat a portion of them both.

  • Remember to drink a TON of water all throughout the day. Set a timer on your phone every 50 minutes to drink 16 oz of filtered water. This is such an easy way to remember.

  • If you get hungry, snack on apples, berries, seeds, bell peppers, carrots, celery or avocado.

  • Avoid any added sugars at all, caffeine, alcohol, grains, legumes, wheat, nuts and oils. Remember, this is a plant based program so naturally avoid anything that isn’t plant based as well.

  • Go about your day like normal, and make sure to tell the people who are immediately surrounding you that you’ll be cleansing. This way they can support you or even hop on board!

  • If you have busy mornings prep your smoothies and juice the night before and store them in a mason jar so you can grab and GO!

  • Drink as much herbal tea as you’d like! I love it in the morning to replace my matcha.

As always, if you have any questions let me know! The shopping list is designed for two people so if its just you, cut it in half! If you are loving how you’re feeling on the cleanse, feel free to extend it longer or keep up two smoothies a day and have a light dinner.


  1. Spring Reboot Green Smoothie.

    This is the ultimate green smoothie! All the ingredients are super fresh, inexpensive and easy to find. This smoothie features KOS vanilla protein powder. This protein is amazing, has 5 sources of plant based protein and is sweetened with monk fruit. You can buy it directly from amazon and it’ll show up just in time for your cleanse on Monday!


2. Papaya Beetroot Smoothie.

This smoothie has summer written allll over it! Papaya is one of those superfoods that I feel gets overlooked all of the time. Its so good for digestion, immunity, weight loss, boosts immunity and supports your eye health among many other things. Don’t forget the seeds, as they’re holding a ton of those nutrients as well.

The beetroot powder from KOS makes this not only pretty and pink, but it’ll add potassium (oh hey there bananas best friend), fiber and vitamin C.

This smoothie is your new best friend and afternoon pick me up!


3. Alkalizing Spinach Soup.

All the benefits you get in your morning green smoothie, you can also have for dinner! This soup will help balance out your PH, support your gut, help you get your greens in for the day, and will fill you up!

Made with all easy to find ingredients, this soup can be pureed at the end, or eaten just like it is. As a great meal prep, you’ll be sure to make this over and over again even after this cleanse ends.


4. Butternut Squash & Carrot Ginger Soup.

mmmmmmmmmmmm. Thats pretty much all I have to say about this one. OK, not really. But to be real, this soup is super dreamy and delicious. The coconut milk ads the perfect level of creaminess with the ginger adding that little bit of spice. This is my go-to soup when on a cleanse because it is so warming and flavorful, I almost forget I’m slipping my dinner!


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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