Making time. What a complicated yet so simple concept. This is by far is the #1 reason why most people can’t stick to any meal prep, healthy routine or a plant based diet. Not enough time.

We all get the same 24 hours in the day, so why is it that so many of us feel like we never have enough time to follow through and take care of ourselves? If you do have a little bit of time, I’m betting that your personal self care time is an after thought and your last priority. It comes after everything you set out to do for your to-do list, for your boss, your kids, or your pup.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve seen that are incredibly sick, overweight, exhausted or in pain just to name a few. I ask them how much time they put into cooking and being mindful about their meals. The consistent answer? NO TIME.

To be totally honest, even I thought the idea of meal prepping was silly before I tried it. I didn’t feel like it was necessary, but when I gave it a shot, I was completely shocked at how it enhanced my quality of life so quickly. I wasn’t fully prepping every single meal, but instead giving myself a bit of help for when I knew I would be totally burnt out during the week.

Now I know that modern life on this earth is hectic, and full of pressures and responsibilities. I also know that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, eventually, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else or anything else.

Taking 2-3 hours every weekend to prep your meals might feel like a massive hill, but imagine what your entire life would look like if you committed this time to yourself.

  • You’d wake up in the morning on a busy weekday with breakfast waiting for you. With a good attitude and perfectly normal blood sugar. You get to work, are thinking clearly and able to accomplish much more than you would with low blood sugar brain fog.

  • Lunch comes around, and instead of hitting the drive through for a burrito that eventually makes you hit your desk at 2pm, you’ve got something super fresh prepared.

  • After work, you’ve got energy and you decide to go to yoga because you know that you gave yourself a helping hand with dinner over the weekend, so there’s a little extra time for you. The extra bonus? There’s a homemade granola bar in your bag for when you’re done.

This is just an example of what ONE day could look like. How would 30 days in a row like this change your outlook on life? How would it change your health? I bet, if you make the time to meal prep, you’d be giving yourself more time for other things as well.

This week, instead of making excuses, MAKE TIME. There are only 4 recipes that are all very simple, you can do it!

Prep the Dal and the Quiche Cups first, and while that’s cooking, make everything else. Every week that you carve out this time for yourself, it will become easier, more fluid and you’ll start to look forward to it… I promise.

Don’t forget to play music, make yourself a matcha, and have fun with it!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me.


You can download this weeks shopping list here.

1. Eggless Garden Quiche Cups.

This recipe has changed the game for my meal prep. The hardest thing for me with switching to plant based eating was giving up eggs. The garbanzo bean flour is actually really easy to get at most grocery stores and is a super clean protein source for your morning. These meal prepped are the perfect breakfast on the go. Eat them warm or right out of the fridge, either way, they’re super flavorful and such a great way to start your day.


2. Chocolate Peanut Protein Balls.

Like granola bars but easier to pop in your mouth and GO. I love making little protein balls because they’re the easiest way to get some energy when you’re lacking. Just 10 ingredients and 10 minutes is all you need.


3. Cauliflower Ceviche.

Cauliflower ceviche is extremely simple to make and super inexpensive. It’s also a great way to clean out the fridge if you’re lookin to use some veggies. Perfect for any time of the year for a party, meal prep, a picnic or a late night snack. I love it especially during early spring because citrus is everywhere and so fresh!


4. Sweet Potato Dal.

Dal is a super warming dish thats perfect for chilly late winter nights. This dish can be super complex or super easy and in my experience there is 1,000 ways to make it! Regardless, it’s a very inexpensive, high protein dish that is packed with flavor. I freakin’ love every version of it I’ve ever tried. I love it for meal prep because its easy to reheat, and can cook while you’re prepping everything else.