Week 2!! I’m super excited to share this one with you, as we’re mixing some of my absolute favorite recipes into meal prep while highlighting some of my all time favorite plant-based bloggers. 

First off, I wanted to say how stoked I am at the amount of people who checked out last weeks meal prep. We hit over 500 people which made jump out of my chair from excitement! Thats 500+ people who are into plant-based eating, improving themselves, getting in the kitchen and looking to SLAY their weeks! 

This week is about two of the most important things in staying consistent - having a stocked pantry and having great sources of inspiration. Both of these things keep me going! 

Getting Stocked:

Having a stocked pantry is a MAJOR game changer. You go from needing to get every single ingredient in a recipe, to only needing the produce. Not only that, but making dinner on the fly will be so much easier when you have everything you need to make whatever’s in your fridge yummy. When starting a clean eating routine, I wont lie, getting stocked can be a bit pricey. Between spices, dry goods and oils, you’ll definitely want to look for deals or hit up costco/ grocery outlet. Don’t do it all at once either, every week when you meal prep you'll get new things for your recipes and slowly start to build your pantry. 

You can download my Pantry Essentials list here

Staying Inspired:

Those two words itself can sometimes be impossible. Life is hectic, busy and sometimes staying inspired to cook can be last on the priority list. Even as a chef, I totally get it and struggle sometimes with inspiration. To stay inspired to eat and cook healthy, I am constantly seeking out movement when I have a break in the day. Yoga, walking, stretching, running, whatever it is, it keeps me going and always walking back in the kitchen. 

Finding other sources of inspiration such as cookbooks, food bloggers and other chefs are also a huge help. Below are my top 5 favorite food bloggers/chefs that you should go follow to stay inspired. Its important to have more that one source of quality inspo and recipes to make sure you stay on your A game.

  • @minimalstbaker

  • @two.spoons

  • @deliciouslyella

  • @feedfeed.vegan

  • @thrivemags

Download this weeks shopping list here. Remember, you can make this all at once, split it up throughout the week when you have an hour here or there to make some snacks/ meals. This is designed to work for YOU and your schedule. Don’t stress, just go with the flow!

As always feel free to contact me if you need any help! 

  1. Cashew Cream. Holy moly is this a MUST HAVE. I seriously want to add this to every single week because this cashew cream goes well with EVERYTHING. Its the perfect replacement for sour cream and has such an amazing creamy and perfectly tangy texture to it. This is not only part of this weeks meal prep, but it should be apart of the pantry essentials list as it is so damn essential.


2. Dark Chocolate Walnut Muffins. Need I say more? These guys have been on my roster for so many years. Teaching them in my first cooking classes almost 5 years ago, I’ve tweaked them a bit but the vibe is still there. So simple all you need to do is throw everything into a blender, yet so decadent, it almost feels naughty eating one. Get your paws on these guys and I promise you’ll be wondering how you lived without them for so long.


3. Crumbly Almond Ashwaghanda Granola Bars. Traditionally, I’m all about my granola bars being super crunchy and able to withstand a rough day in my day bag. Today however, I decided to make these guys soft, chewy and a bit crumbly. I can’t tell you how many times I see my guy headed to the fridge late night looking for anything to snack. He ends up munching granola with milk almost every single time. These bars are the perfect cereal AND work out bar. They hold together a bit and crumble really easily, making for the perfect breakfast, snack or late night dinner. Remember the almond milk we made last week? They’re the perfect pair.


4. Kale Cesar. The plant-based salad of my dreams. This salad was inspired by Minimalist Baker as her hummus based Cesar dressing is to die for. I made my own croutons out of some almost stale spelt bread, topped it with some crispy garbanzos & artichokes. This is the best salad in a jar too - just shake it up or dump it out in a bowl and boom, you’ve got yourself lunch or dinner.


5. BBQ Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” w/ Roasted Mango Salsa. This is bomb as a taco, on chips or as a sandwich. Any way you flip the coin, you’re winning with this one. You can make the jackfruit in your pressure cooker or low and slow in the crockpot. You can make the BBQ sauce from scratch or just buy some at the store. Either way, its crazy easy and crazy good too. Don’t forget the cashew cream to seal the deal on this one!


6. Pesto Almond Dip. This is hummus’ cousin, and I have to admit, I think I like it more!! Last week we made Curried hummus, here is another take on a healthy dip that’ll satisfy all of your snack cravings. We love to slather this all over avocado toast, or eat with chips & veggies. Anyway you do it, its sure to have you making another batch before the end of the week.


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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