“It’s the little things in life that make living so good.”

I find this is true with everything, especially in food. Basically, details matter. From the type of salt you use, to the brand of cassava flour you use (check my favorite here), all of these little specifics make up for one beautiful, delicious picture. It’s all-about elevating your experience in general and paying attention to the details that will get you on the next level.

These details in food could also relate to your everyday food choices or reaction to cravings. If you responded yes to all of your unhealthy cravings, most likely you wouldn't reach your goals or feel too good about your progress. At the time, it seems like no biggie, but overtime all of these little moments will make up to one big issue to deal with later. On the other end, if you say yes to that yoga class instead of sleeping in, or grab a green juice when you walk by that juice spot on your way to work, you’d be surprised to see how quickly all of these seemingly little things add up. Before you know it, you’ll be creating habits that will support you in positive change.

This weeks meal prep is all in the small details. Every single one is simple to make, thought out so that the dish when paired with everything together, makes for one damn delicious meal. This is also the case when meal prepping. Those little details of prepping your smoothies on Sunday afternoon will save you 10 minutes in the morning when you need it the most.

What are the little things you want to focus on this week?

Download this weeks shopping list here.


  1. How to prep your smoothies.

    This isn’t a recipe, more of a quick tip to save you some major time during the week.

    1. Grab reusable zip bags or mason jars.

    2. In one set of mason jars, fill it with your protein powders, superfoods and any supplements/adaptogens. Close tight and set aside in your pantry for easy grab.

    3. In another set of mason jars or small bags, fill with greens, fruits, and any other produce you want in your smoothies that week. Pop these in the freezer.

    4. In the morning, grab one packet of your special superfood blend and 1 fresh produce bag from the freezer. Throw them both into your blender with water, nut milk or coconut water. Boom. You’ve got a smoothie that actually took you 1 minute to make!


2. Tajin Dusted Fruit.

This has got to be one of my all time favorite snacks. Perfect for summer, and great after a super sweaty workout to cool off. It’s simple, just cut up mango, pineapple, jicama, or cucumber, squeeze lime on top and shake tajin all over it. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge and grab whenever you need a refresher!


3. Cassava Falafel Salad w/ Cashew Tzatziki.

This recipe combines all of the favorite things about a Med spread without any frying and any dairy. Making this a much healthier way to go. You better believe that as a vegan(even before I was vegan) I love falafel!! There is something so delicious and comforting about falafels and tzatziki. Any greek or med restaurant, falafel is always on my order. They’re packed with protein and super inexpensive to eat, even out!


4. Mushroom Chorizo Tacos w/ Cassava Corn Superfood Tortillas.

I am a sucker for anything on a tortilla. There’s something about a taco that can hit all the sweet spots for me. Things like taco’s are all abut the vessel - the tortilla. These guys are a blend between the classic corn and flour. The catch? They’re gluten free using my favorite - Otto’s cassava flour. The cassava helps it stay nice and light while the corn provides a flavor you can’t beat in this arena. With summer coming up you can count on the fact that i’ll be serving up much more of where these came from!