I want to change the way we all look at meal prepping and to change the way we all look at food. It doesn’t have to be boring, repetitive, bland, or super time consuming.

This is why I’ve created this super simple guide to plant-based and vegan meal prepping that perfectly suits 1 or 2 people. Simply double the recipes for families of 4.

Delicious enough to satisfy you throughout the week, and simple enough for any skill level of home cook. The idea here is to seamlessly rid of old habits, feel great everyday, and no longer be stressed out with that question of “what the hell am I going to eat today?”

One of the hardest parts of transitioning to eating a vegan diet was that question. Feeling stressed, hungry and confused are big reasons why this lifestyle doesn’t stick for a majority of people. With just a bit of direction, organization and confidence in the kitchen, anything is possible.

Download your shopping list, make it all at once or make it throughout the week. The goal here is to have a solid plan to supplement those days when you’re too tired, or too busy to cook. Meal prep shouldn’t be the same thing over and over again, it should be a helping hand to guide you through the week, and to support you in whatever mood you may be in.

I’m here keep things exciting, to switch it up and to help ignite the flame inside you and your kitchen!

Click on the links for full recipes and as always, check out the Chef Bai Instagram regularly for meal prepping tips and tricks daily.


Download this week’s shopping list

1. First up, we’ve got a big batch of the Spiced Lentil Soup. This is by far one of my favorite go-to’s as its so warming, easy to reheat on the stove top and perfectly suits lunch or dinner. Its packed with protein and will be waiting for you after a long day.

2. Next up is a Matcha kiwi chia pudding featuring my favorite matcha company, Mizuba Tea Co. Get your caffeine, protein and vitamins for the morning in one super easy, grab and go breakfast. Eat it in your car, during your first morning meeting or after your morning run.


3. Ah almond milk, how I love you so much. Make a massive batch of your own at the beginning of the week to eat with granola, heat up in your morning matcha, enjoy with chocolate chip cookies, whatever really. This stuff is so much better for you and completely free of additives compared to what you’ll buy at the store. Its a kitchen staple, I make this every single week if I have time! All you need is a blender, a mesh bag and a huge mason jar.


4. Curried hummus? Yes please.

The super snack packed with anti-inflammatory properties, protein and so much flavor. Eat it with crackers, throw it on toast, or dip with veggies. Its the perfect thing to grab at 2pm or 12am when you’ve got the munchies and don't want to hit the corner store.


5. This raw zoodle southwest, black bean bowl will satisfy everything you need for lunch. Light, fresh, flavorful and filling. Buy the zoodles pre-made or make your own. Tweak this recipe to be spicy or tangy, whatever you like!


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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