In general, finding balance in daily life can continuously be a work in progress. It’s something that in the world that we live in can always seem like a major task especially when we’re talking about food. There are plenty of vegans out there that are primarily “junk food vegans”. As this is 100% a cruelty-free way to go, its not necessarily doing much for health.

There is a need or craving to “carb load” when eating plants. Especially when there isn’t any prepared food in the fridge, or a plan of action on what to eat for the day. This happens to me more than i’d like to admit, and honestly, it’s ok! The beauty about the natural foods industry now is that there are many options to get your carb loading on while not consuming gluten, grains, refined sugar or animal products. You just have to know where to look.

There are a ton of online resources that can help you get access to all of the pantry items you’ll need to get on that healthy kick of foods you want and need at the same time. Thrive market is one of my favorites. They deliver natural products to your door at a discount since they are headed straight to the consumer.

Otto’s is a brand that I have recently partnered with is the leader in making Cassava flour. Cassava is an excellent replacement for white flour in recipes, reducing inflammation and any reaction you may have to gluten, grains, beans or nuts. It almost seems too goo to be true, but it isn’t. As it’s not a perfect 1 to 1 ratio, you actually need less of this flour than you would need of a standard wheat flour or even a GF 1 to 1 alternative replacement. Since cassava is made from the Yuca root, this flour alternative is grounding, filling, flavorful and is very starchy, making it the perfect replacement. You can get 10% off of any order at using the code “chefbai” at checkout. I’ll be using cassava flour in a lot more recipes in the future to show you how truly remarkable and versatile this flour really is.

Since the theme this week is all about balance, we’ve got a jackfruit “tuna” salad sandwich, some naan bread, AND a pecan tahini cookie bars in the mix. With a smoothie and a spinach curry to round it out, this week will make you feel a little nice, and a little naughty too.

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  1. Lemon Poppyseed Smoothie.

    Lemon poppy seed - a combination that truly speaks to me and my love for all things citrus. I needed to turn this combo into something other than a muffin or a cake to make the ultimate grab & go breakfast without any of the added sugars and all of the added greens.

    Did you know poppyseeds are extremely healthy in their own right? Not only do they boost bone health, but they improve digestion, antioxidant defense, red blood cell formation and cognitive functioning. So many benefits from an ingredient that is so often overlooked. Add some poppy seeds not just to this smoothie, but to any of your smoothies in the morning!

    I wouldn't recommend making this one in advance as it is so delicious straight out of the blender. Luckily, its super simple to make.


2. Tahini Pecan Choco Cookie Bars.

DROP EVERYTHING AND MAKE THESE RIGHT NOW! Im serious…. these cookie bars are some of the best I’ve ever had - I completely surprised myself with this recipe and how amazingly delicious it is. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free, and VEGAN. I know.. hard to believe but these cookie bars will knock your socks off and make you feel like a million bucks after.


3. Jackfruit “Tuna” Salad.

I have fond memories growing up of my mom making us a tuna salad and it being the best damn thing ever. The crunchiness of the pickles with the toasted bread…. make it a tuna melt and things just got realllll good.

Luckily, we can do more than reminisce on this sandwich - we can recreate and make it work for our tastebuds and a plant-based diet! The seaweed and the capers gives it that tuna flavor while the jackfruit adds to that meaty tuna bite you’re lookin for. Add some plant based cheese, some micro greens on your favorite bread, and you’ve got yourself a knockout sandwich.


4. Gluten-free Vegan Naan.

There’s something insanely delicious about super fresh naan hot off the pan being dipped into some sort of amazing curry. Excuse me while I drool over here just thinking about it….

This is it folks. After many tests and deliberations, this is the vegan GF naan you’ve been waiting for made with Otto’s cassava four! ! If you haven’t been waiting, make this and you’ll be wondering how you ever went so long without this glorious pan cooked bread!


5. Indian Curried Spinach and Chickpeas.

This dish pairs perfectly with the GF vegan naan. Its packed with spinach and super healthy protein making it one of the best warming weeknight dinners out there. There are a million ways to make this dish, this is my version! You can kick up the spice by adding more chilies, or make it a bit runnier by adding a bit more veggie stock. This is one of those recipes that you can adjust and make again and again.

Perfect for meal prep, as I swear this gets better the longer it sits!


Did you make this weeks meal prep?

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