It's time to build some morning momentum

The key to anything is how you start. My quick, organic, and delicious breakfast recipes below are guaranteed to help get you moving towards the best version of yourself!

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Chef Bai  Personal Chef

Chef Bai
Personal Chef



Matcha Endurance Bars

CAUTION! These bars may cause extreme productivity and could possibly give you the greatest work out of your life.  Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Between the Matcha (powdered, concentrated green tea), dates, nuts and flax seeds, these bars are going to set you up for success.  Don't feel like waiting for them to set? Crumble up the mixture and throw it over greek yogurt and fruit.  Just like that, you're ready to kick Monday morning's butt. 

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The Kimchi Omelette

This omelette has got all the probiotics in the kimchi, protein in the eggs AND heathy fats in the avocado.  Talk about a complete meal.. am I right? 

If you aren't a pro at this whole omelette thing, you can always make this into a scramble.  The difference? Less pressure.  Either way, you'll be sure to impress whoever you might have over in the morning and keep em eating healthy too. That’s a win in my book. 


The Best Damn Granola

Its time to ditch your store bought granola and head for your kitchen. Most likely you have most of these ingredients hiding in your pantry! 

This is my favorite, and one of the easiest granolas out there! The best part? There's only 6 ingredients. 


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