These healthy treats were a complete experiment for my need to help with my puppy's (Izzy) breath while needing to know exactly what I am treating her with! Dog treats can be filled with so many preservatives, its time I took matters into my own hands.   These yummy snacks are vegan, grain free, good source of protein, and have vitamins and minerals to keep those tails wagging for a long time to come.  Not to mention, the mint helps immensely with bad breath, the natural way! 

Have your pups review & help with clean up! 


The Goods:

2 15 oz cans pumpkin puree 

2 1/2 cups coconut flour 

1 cup shredded carrot 

1 cup chopped mint leaves 

8 oz peanut butter 

3 cups water 

1 handful of kale 

Coconut oil for greasing



The Method: 

Preheat oven to 350*.  Prepare a large cookie sheet with parchment paper.  


Place all ingredients into a food processor and turn on until mixed into a dough.  This can take awhile with this recipe.  I have found it is better to do half at a time unless you have a bigger sized food processor.  


Evenly spread out mixture on parchment paper and bake for 30 minutes so dough sets.  


Next, cut out cookie shapes with the hot set dough.  Place cookies on a new greased (coconut oil) cookie sheet. Lightly grease top of treats with left over coconut oil. 


Tip: Use the leftover crumbles as an addition to kibbles for the next meal. 


Turn oven down to 300*.  Bake for 45 minutes.  Flip cookies.  Bake for one more hour.  The key here is to get these suckers dried out and cooked through.  


These last for a few months and can be kept out in a jar on the counter!