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The truth is, I get a little smoothie crazy sometimes.  

I have always believed in the power of the green smoothie.  When my clients started to see results and get on the smoothie train, I thought... why not share this with the world? That's when BLEND was born.  

I believe in a back to the basics whole food approach.

My co-author Sue and I are foodies.  We happen to both both be nutritional therapists and chefs. We want to share our creations, our inspirations, our stories, and of course our successes with you.  Most importantly, we stand by supporting a healing relationship to food and our bodies through pleasure, simplicity, and self-love.

What you find in BLEND:

  • Over 20 simple and delicious green smoothie recipes.
  • Introduction to the green smoothie lifestyle.
  • Information on all the superfoods used in each recipe.
  • Learn about the power of protein and find which is best for you and your lifestyle
  • Understand cravings and how your green smoothie can crub these cravings!
  • + more!